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the land

a brief history of dirt and love

We started growing our herbs in 2015 in Dracut, Massachusetts, on a quarter acre plot on the Captain John Ogonowski Memorial Preservation Farmland. The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project operates the land and leases it to to several small farmers. Captain Ogonowski, one of the pilots killed on September 11th, grew up in Dracut and had a passion for farmland. In life he fought to keep it out of the hands of developers, and after death the Ogonowski family took up his cause. It was an honor to farm on soil so loved. 

In January of 2017 we were delighted to sign a lease with The Trustees of Reservations for a full acre of land on the beautiful Eleanor Cabot Bradley Estate in Canton. This property has been well acquainted with botanical delights for over a century. Along with our herb farm it is home to formal gardens, glorious witch hazels, ancient apple trees, and our friends at Brookwood Community Farm (not to mention a decadent mansion and three miles of gorgeous trails). While we dearly loved Dracut we are overjoyed to be growing on land that is lush, storied, rich, and so much closer to our Boston community. 

We are firm believers in being generous stewards and work hard to give our land even more than it gives us. We fertilize organically, mulch with materials that biodegrade and condition the soil, and use cover crops to increase the vibrancy of the land and the life within it. Our devotion to the health of our customers and New England's landscapes means that we use strictly organic growing methods. 

While we specialize in cultivating healing herbs for people we also believe in growing plants that are nourishing to the many animals, insects, and other living things with whom we share our field. Our organic and mindful practices ensure a safe environment for bees, aphid-eating ladybugs, and the other helpful creatures that aid us in keeping our crops healthy. We are also proud to grow milkweed for monarch caterpillars (before turning it into human cough medicine!). 

Transparency is important to us, so please contact us if you have any questions about our land or growing methods.