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what we gather and grow

At Muddy River Herbals we pride ourselves on growing beautiful, aromatic, and delicious plants that delight the senses and nourish the soul. We are committed to producing and wildcrafting (aka sustainably foraging) these green lives with all of the love and mindfulness we can muster.

The herbs we tend in our field are grown using organic and sustainable methods that are detailed here

When we wildcraft, a lovely term for venturing into uncultivated places to gather plants that typically grow better in the wild rather than in a tidy row, we do so lightly and with respect. We take care to not deplete populations by never harvesting more than 15% of a species in any given area and always leave mother plants (prolific and centralized specimens) to sow more seed. We never forage for plants that are endangered or at-risk, and all of our wildcrafted herbs are gathered away from roadsides, sidewalks, and other areas that are or are likely to be contaminated by pollutants. 

Whether we are gathering plants from the field or the wild we always harvest our herbs at a time of day and season that ensures the highest degree of potency and freshness. Each time we harvest a plant, whether we are merely snipping a single stem or unearthing an entire root system, we do it with the health of our communityโ€”plants, bees, humans, and every other living thing on our landโ€”at the front of our minds. 

Stay tuned for a complete list of our anticipated availability in 2019.