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  • Courtyard Cafe 200 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA, 02115 United States (map)

PLANT SALE UPDATE: Hi everybody, I was just informed that the plant sale tomorrow is technically only open to Harvard Medical School's students and staff! I'm Very sorry to have to announce this incredibly unexpected development. That said, I was also told that I will be near the security guard who checks badges, so if you bring an ID and/or tell the guard that you're only there for the plant sale (which he should be able to see from where he's sitting) you'll probably be able to come in. I've been so looking forward to seeing many of you and really hope that I'll still be able to. If you do plan to come please email us tonight ( and I'll send you my number; if you can't get in text me and I'll try to sweet talk the guard. I'll also be sure to explain the situation to the guard before the sale begins. Again, I'm so, so sorry for this. More plant sales are coming up at Frobie's Cafe and Herbstalk, and as always you can let me know if you're interested in getting some seedlings and we'll try working something out!

Come to Harvard's Courtyard Cafe in Longwood for our first plant sale of the year! We'll be selling lots of delicious and healing herbs ready to plant in your backyard or windowsill. You'll find herbs like angelica, echinacea, mojito mint, and more! Jenny will be on hand to offer suggestions on making all of your gardening dreams come true in 2016. See you there!