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The Silver Basil Blend

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The Silver Basil Blend

silver basil in teacup with vignette.jpg
silver basil in teacup with vignette.jpg

The Silver Basil Blend

from 7.00

A caffeinated blend that combines the calming, healing energies of tulsi with green tea's gentle buzz.

For a perfect cup bring 8 oz of water to 185°F & pour over 1 tablespoon of tea. Cover, steep for 4 minutes, strain, & enjoy.

Ingredients: tulsi◬ (Ocimum sanctum) & silver strands green tea (Camellia sinensis)

◬: Grown by Muddy River Herbals.

◭: Wildcrafted by Muddy River Herbals

◮: Organically grown in Massachusetts. 

▲: Organically grown

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