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recipes, tutorials, mixology, and more!

Welcome to our blog!

jennifer hauf

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Hello and welcome, finally, to the Muddy River Herbals blog! Three years after starting the farm we are finally making time to decorate our online presence with more words and—cue trumpet fanfare—an online store! Our shop is still a few days away from opening but words can be dispensed without a trip to the post office or final check on the inventory, so here we are. 

What, you may ask, can you expect to find in this blog of ours? Why on earth would one read a blog when it's so easy to scroll through our Instagram feed (much less Beyoncé's), or share a Facebook post, or even go outside and romp about and have nothing to do with the blue light? 

Excellent questions, dear reader. While we will forever approve of the above alternatives we humbly entreat you to visit us when you're looking for: 

  • Recipes! Because herbs are healing and also toothsome.
  • Tutorials on how to make medicine such as salves, tea blends, and tinctures!
  • Mixology advice! (For cocktails and mocktails alike!)
  • Profiles of and odes to the many (many, Many!) herbs that we grow on our land!
  • Tales of farming on the outskirts of Boston!
  • The latest on how our fields are looking, what the weather's bringing, and what our baskets and teapots are heaped with!
  • Gardening advice!
  • Poetry we love! (And maybe even a verse or two by me.)

You can expect all that and more of things better shared and expanded upon in this bigger, bloggier format, so in the words of my Grampie: keep yr eyes peeled! And if there's anything you'd like us to write about do leave us a note in the comments below. 

Thanks for visiting!